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hosting plans

Leverage our web hosting service’s processing power, disk space, and bandwidth to guarantee a great user experience for your website.

With nuroots, be assured of speed, security and reliability.

Pay annually for a 10% discount. Price not including VAT.

Price Per Month

For if you sell products or services through your site.


We ensure your site is updated and stable. Once a month we run tests on all your pages, check your forms, hyperlinks, and mail service. See below for more information on our management plans.

monthly maintenance

At-rest data is encrypted with LUKS and in-transit data is encrypted with SSL.

data encryption

Should your site go down for any reason, data handling will be switched to a standby node and prevent downtime.

automated failure recovery

Daily backups are taken with write-ahead-logging which allows for restoration to any time within the previous seven days.

daily backup

A backup of your site is taken once a week. Each backup is retained for four weeks.

Weekly Backup

Found a problem? We are here to help. Call or email, anytime.

Technical Support

Migrate from wherever you host or bought your domain.

Free Migration

We can create a copy of your site to test new features / layouts / content without affecting your live site.

Site Staging

We automate your SSL certificate renewal.

SSL Certificates

Secure Shell encrypts the connection between a user and remote servers while remaining safe from hackers.

SSH Access


Low Traffic

from £8/per month


Low-Med Traffic

from £21/per month


Med-High Traffic

from £35/per month


What’s a brilliant hosting service without a brilliant website? If you’re still searching for the best representation of your brand online, then nuroots web design is the solution for you.

At nuroots, we build high-quality, responsive sites that increase sales and ultimately grow your business.

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Are you hosting your website elsewhere but need professional help to stay updated, keep up with digital trends and the needs of your growing business?

Rely on our expertise todo this and keep the day-to-day running of your site hassle-free.

We offer a vast range of web management services such as fixing minor bugs, backing up your site regularly, and keeping your site as secure as possible. Best part? These are just a few perks of our basic monthly plan. Want to know more?